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The job of an exceptional intellectual property lawyer is to investigate and to question, to constantly seek out value and benefit to our clients, and to be a business partner rather than just another service provider.

At Y Intellectual Property (Y Intellectual Property), we have the experience and expertise to deliver unique and highly personalised fixed fee intellectual property law services tailored to your specific needs. Our endeavour is to form genuine and enduring collaborations with our clients so that together we can work in partnership to understand, fortify and fully engage your intellectual property rights to become a functioning and active asset which drives value to your business. We provide innovative, upfront and transparent legal strategies at fixed fees and are committed to taking the time and effort to understanding “why” in order to better address the “what” and the “how”.

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Value Based Fixed Fee Service

Unlike many other intellectual property lawyers, we do not charge by the hour or for work undertaken without your authority. All our fees are disclosed to you before you choose to proceed based on our assessment of the needs of your particular matter and specifically tailored to you. If available, we will also provide various package options to suit your requirements and budget. You will always know in advance what work we are doing and how much it will cost. That way our fixed fee reflects the outcomes we are confident we can deliver rather than the value we place on our own time.

We are able to offer that security because we have specialised experience in running intellectual property matters and we know the major players in the field and how they operate, which gives us the unique foresight to know what is likely to occur in your matter and the contingencies which may affect your desired outcomes.

Collaborating with You

We recognize that everyone has a preferred communication style and we are happy to engage with you in the way that suits you, whether it by phone, by email, through Skype or in person. At the start of your matter, we will work with you to customise your experience, including how, when and how often you would like to hear from us to discuss updates on your matter or other areas of potential interest to you. This allows us to establish an open and free flowing dialogue with you so that you do not feel left in the dark or bombarded with information.

We are available to meet with you by appointment or at your business premises if needed. Please see our Contact page for further details.

Complimentary Project Mapping

We believe that your confidence in your intellectual property lawyer should be earned, not assumed. That means being transparent and upfront with you regarding your options and legal position and not merely stumbling through your matter hoping for the best (and charging you by the hour for the privilege!).

As a first step, we will consult with you to obtain an overview of your matter and to discover your objectives, motivations and desired outcomes. Once we have the full picture, we will put together a concise project road map which will summarize your goals and the actions we intend to implement to achieve them. We will also provide a fixed time frame to complete those actions with a fixed fee. We may also provide options if appropriate depending on your budget and level of engagement you require. You will always know what we are doing and why we are doing it before you authorize us to proceed.

Adaptive and Flexible Strategies

As your matter progresses, new circumstances may arise which need to be addressed or your needs or goals may change. We periodically review matters to ensure they are on the right track or to adjust our plan of attack where it is needed. For ongoing projects, we will provide a new project road map once each stage has been completed or at any other point where a change of direction is required. That allows us to adapt our action plan as and when it is needed and also pushes us to formulate proactive strategies to progress your matter.

We will also be constantly looking out for information and opportunities to share with you which may interest you or help grow your business. We genuinely want our partnership to be lifelong and participate in the ongoing success of your business.

What an Experienced Intellectual
Property Lawyer Can Do for Your Business

How We Operate

We have extensive experience in establishing and managing intellectual property rights portfolios from the application stage all the way through to enforcement or defence of rights, whether that be through litigation or administrative channels. We can assist with intellectual property auditing, preparation and prosecution of Trade Mark and design applications, overcoming examination reports, setting up intellectual property watch strategies and services, international Trade Mark filings (through the Madrid Protocol or by direct filing), removal and cancellation actions, as well as preparing and negotiating any necessary commercial intellectual property documents. We also handle the running of intellectual property law and internet law litigation in the Federal Court and Federal Circuit Courts of Australia, Trade Mark opposition proceedings through the Trade Marks Registry and auDRP/uDRP Domain Name Disputes through WIPO. You can find more information about our unique approach to protecting your Intellectual Property Rights and how an experienced intellectual property lawyer can assist you in the How We Operate section of our website.


Industry Focus

We deliver tailored intellectual property packages to meet the needs of industries with specific intellectual property lawyer requirements. We have particular expertise working with clients in the education and entertainment, fashion, food, drink and accommodation, software development, and finance and investment sectors. For more information, please see the Industry Focus section of our website.


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