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What is a Trade Mark?

A Trade Mark is a sign (such as a name or logo) which is associated with the products or services which you provide or offer. A Trade Mark could even be a shape, colour, sound or a smell, provided it is capable of distinguishing your goods or services from those of other traders.

Trade Mark Registration is a crucial part of protecting your brand, products and services, as it represents your brand and embodies your goodwill. Ideally, a Trade Mark should instantly communicate to the consumer what to expect from your product or your service.

Benefits of Trade Mark Registration

Trade Mark registration is an essential but often overlooked business asset. It is an easy thing to push to the side and often comes to the forefront when a business is either challenged by a competitor or wishes to take action to prevent misuse of a brand by a third party.

Without having Trade Mark registration already in place, it can often be too late or costly to rectify at that stage to take appropriate action or mount a defence against such claims. Therefore, the best time to seek protection is before or closely after the launch of a new brand.

Once registered, a Trade Mark will:


Provide you with a powerful enforceable statutory monopoly to prevent other traders from using a substantially identical or deceptively similar mark for similar or closely related goods and services. Without a registered Trade Mark, your only fallback is to seek to rely upon establishing reputational rights in that mark which can be difficult if your product or service has not had significant promotional exposure or established broad market recognition;


Prevent other traders from being able to register similar Trade Marks;


Ensure that unscrupulous traders do not attempt to appropriate your brand or something similar. Once registered by a third party, it can be a difficult and costly process to have that Trade Mark removed, even if you have prior use.


Convert your brand into a tangible and valuable asset which embodies your goodwill, which can later be licensed, transferred or sold as an asset of the business.

In Australia, it is easy to apply for registration of a Trade Mark but there are many ways to get it wrong. Incorrectly registering your Trade Mark may leave you with an unregisterable or unenforceable Trade Mark, or a Trade Mark which is vulnerable to revocation or cancellation if challenged.


Registering Your Trade Mark

Trade Mark registration is easy to get wrong. An experienced Trademark Attorney will help you get it right the first time and avoid costly problems with your Trade Mark Application.

We help secure Trademarks which are strong, enforceable and add value to your business, and provide ongoing service to ensure you can fully engage your Trademark and reap the benefits now and in the future. We work with you to identify opportunities as they arise, extracting the full value and potential of your Trade Marks rather than letting them go to waste.

We also offer several tailored Fixed Fee Trademark Protection Packages which are designed to match your unique priorities and requirements. Book a consultation to discuss your needs with a Trademark Lawyer today.

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A qualified Trademark Lawyer or Trade Mark Attorney can assist in:


Pre-filing clearance searches


Filing and maintaining your Trade Marks and Trade Mark portfolios, including overseas;


Putting together enforcement and anti-dilution strategies against competitors


Implementing strategies to overcome adverse examination reports


Challenging third party Trade Mark registrations


Prosecuting and defending Trade Mark opposition proceedings


Preparing documentation to assign or transfer Trade Mark rights.

Why Choose Us:

Why Register Your Trade Mark With Y Intellectual Property’s Trade Mark Lawyers?

If you’re looking to register a Trademark and protect your brand, Y Intellectual Property can help you register it correctly and avoid issues in the future. We offer fixed prices for Trademark Registration, allowing you to get the services you need without worrying about hidden fees or additional costs.

Our qualified Trademark Attorney can manage the entire process of Trademark registration for you, as well as helping you protect your Trademark after registration. As your Trademark lawyer, we work to understand your circumstances and goals, protecting your interests and identifying opportunities for further Trademark protection.

The Trade Mark Application Process:

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Y Intellectual Property take an active approach to intellectual property law, providing personalised services with fixed fee and flexible pricing. We give you control of your intellectual property. Discuss your needs with us today.

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Work with an experienced Trade Marks Attorney to create strong, enforceable Trade Marks for your business. We provide ongoing service to help you make the most of your Trade Marks, identifying opportunities to protect your existing Trade Marks and challenge trade mark infringement.

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IP Protection and correct use of Copyright and Designs are essential but often misunderstood by creators and innovators. Y Intellectual Property will help you navigate the minefield of Copyright and Designs Law. We look at your unique circumstances and partner with you to generate cost effective solutions to legally protect your creative output.

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