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Andrew Petale

Master of Intellectual Property Law (Melb Uni)


Registered Trade Marks Attorney)

Principal, Lawyer and Trade Marks Attorney


Meet Andrew!

Andrew Petale is a qualified legal practitioner with over 19 years of practice experience, most of which has been exclusively in the area of intellectual property law. He is also a qualified Trade Marks Attorney and was awarded a Master of Intellectual Property Law from the University of Melbourne in 2014, achieving First Class Honors in Copyright Law and Competition Law. He is an Associate Member of the International Trade Mark Association (INTA) and has been a regular attendee and participant at INTA’s Annual Meeting since 2013 in Texas, Hong Kong, San Diego, Orlando, Seattle and Singapore (2023).

Prior to establishing YIP Intellectual Property, Andrew was Principal of a highly regarded Melbourne intellectual property law firm, heading up both the Trade Mark and Litigation teams during his 7 years at the firm. In that role, Andrew was responsible for the running and handling of numerous ongoing litigious and contentious matters, including cases in the Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane registries of the Federal Court, Federal Circuit Court and opposition proceedings in the Australian Trade Marks Office (ATMO) and had the opportunity to work with fantastic people and clients.

Prior to that, he worked for a leading media, entertainment and IP law firm where he gained a wealth of experience acting across a range of IP-related commercial and dispute matters, including working with many high profile and celebrity clients and across complex technical IP disputes as well as in defamation matters. Earlier still, Andrew commenced practicing as a family and commercial lawyer with a highly respected Melbourne family law firm. That role provided him with a tremendous grounding in advocacy, dispute resolution and most importantly, nurturing positive and constructive client relationships.


I established YIP Legal because I am committed to finding creative solutions to IP problems and working closely with all of my clients to provide satisfying outcomes with purpose and measureable value. I believe that when properly managed and activated, your IP can become a functional asset which brings competitive advantage to your business. I look forward to collaborating with you and your business to help you realize that potential.

— Andrew Petale

How We Operate

We offer a personal, proactive IP lawyer experience with fixed fee and flexible pricing options to suit your requirements.

We have experience acting for a broad range of clients, including fashion labels, manufacturing industries, educational and consulting institutions, software developers and e-commerce businesses. Each industry presents its own unique challenges and priorities which we are equipped to tackle with confidence.

We can assist you at every step from obtaining IP protection all the way to litigation to assert or defend your rights if needed. We will map the way for you at the beginning of every stage with set project fees so that your decision to engage us is fully informed and in line with your expectations.

Our Expertise

trade mark

Trade Marks

Work with an experienced Trade Marks Attorney to create strong, enforceable Trade Marks for your business. We provide ongoing service to help you make the most of your Trade Marks, identifying opportunities to protect your existing Trade Marks and challenge trade mark infringement.

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IP Disputes

If you are involved in a dispute regarding your IP, it is crucial to understand what is motivating the dispute and who you are up against so that we can work quickly towards achieving your desired outcome.

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Registered Designs

Design registration is used to secure exclusive rights to exploit the aesthetic look of an object which you have designed. That object could be a practical item (such as a lamp, chair or suitcase), a garment or piece of clothing, or an operational machine. The Design can protect the look of your product as a whole or a specific part of it.

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copy right


IP Protection and correct use of Copyright and Designs are essential but often misunderstood by creators and innovators. YIP Legal will help you navigate the minefield of Copyright and Designs Law. We look at your unique circumstances and partner with you to generate cost effective solutions to legally protect your creative output.

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Why Choose Y?

Y is a succinct and bold statement which summarises what we are about as a modern and dynamic boutique legal practice and the level of service you should expect from an experienced IP lawyer.


Direct and to the Point

We provide you with advice which is upfront and quickly gets to the heart of your matter. Because we operate in a highly specialised field, we are not interested in unnecessarily floundering through your matter and charging you for the privilege. We would prefer to provide you with a clear sense of direction at the outset so you can determine the value of engaging us and work with us with confidence. Since we don’t operate on billable hours, our focus is on delivering real tangible outcomes rather than watching the clock and padding our time sheet.


Two Paths Converging Into One

We are about building lasting working relationships and making sure you are engaged with us so we are always on the same path. We draw from your industry knowledge and expertise and combine it with ours so that together we can reach a unified goal. We’d like to be part of your team rather than just your intellectual property lawyer.


We Help You Discover “Why”

“Why” is the fundamental question: There is no point doing something without knowing why you are doing it. We want to help you discover that purpose so we can achieve tangible outcomes for you which you can measure. Many firms are happy to follow instructions without questioning why and to deal with the fallout later. We believe in a more front ended approach which saves you time, money, disappointment and frustration later on.

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We specialise in the following IP lawyer services:


Providing summary or in depth advice regarding intellectual property rights, depending on your requirements


Auditing of intellectual property to determine what assets could be and are worth protecting or fortifying


Trade Mark applications, responses to examiner’s reports and representation in opposition proceedings before IP Australia


International protection and prosecution of Trade Marks in overseas markets


Advising on registered design and Copyright issues


Advising on Australia Consumer Law and passing off issues


Drafting and review of commercial IP agreements, including licensing agreements, assignments, sale of IP assets, trading terms, and graphic designer and website developer agreements


Advising on website set-up, particularly for e-commerce, and formulating appropriate Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to protect website owners


IP dispute resolution & litigation in Federal Court and Federal Circuit Court


Advice for protection of confidential information and drafting appropriate agreements to protect that information


Domain name disputes (uDRP and auDRP)


Review of marketing or product packaging to ensure compliance with Australian Consumer Law and industry standards.

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YIP Legal  is a Melbourne-based specialist intellectual property law firm specialising in registration, protection and enforcement of Trade Marks, Designs, Copyright, Domain name disputes, Consumer law and IP dispute resolution.
5 Everage Street, Moonee Ponds Melbourne, VIC 3039