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We have considerable experience working with software developers, including in the areas of research and design, industrial analysis and research, and computer hardware and software design and development (including app developers, SaaS and PaaS providers). We would be happy to work with your business to assist in any IP issues which may arise specific to those industries.

Some of the clients we have worked with in the provision of software services and development of computer software products include:

App Developers;

Graphic Designers;

Software As A Service (SaaS) And Platform As A Service (PaaS) Providers;

Online Directories.

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The areas which may be of interest to our software service clients are:


Trade Mark Protection:

There are currently over 110,000 registered and pending Trade Marks covering software and technology products in Australia and over 68,000 relating to IT services. We can assist with the necessary clearance searches to avoid those problems as well as handling the filing and prosecution of your brand names and logos to maximize enforce-ability.


Website Assistance:

The software and technology industries are particularly susceptible to appropriation by reverse engineering and abuse of license. We can assist with the drafting and review of contractual and commercial terms to ensure that any Copyright, design, patent or other IP rights are appropriately protected to ensure that you have a strong right of recourse should any copying occur.


Ownership and Licensing Disputes

Source code is generally recognised as being capable of attracting Copyright protection and will vest in the author of that code without the need for registration. The owner of that Copyright has the right to control the manner in which its code is utilised under whatever license terms it sees fit. Even if express license terms have not been entered into, there may still be implied terms which govern the use of the software based on the common understanding and actions of the licensor and licensee. If you have a dispute concerning the use of your software by a third party, we can assist to ensure that your rights are protected and that you are compensated for the license or right to benefit from your software.

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