Copyright Infringement

Understanding copyright law is an essential part of being a creator. Whether you are a business owner, content creator, designer, artist, writer, or musician, you need to be able to protect your work and control how it is used by others. Y Intellectual Property specialises in helping individuals and businesses protect, manage and utilise their copyrighted material. We provide cost-effective solutions for resolving copyright infringement matters, with services tailored to your specific needs. If you need help to protect your work or have yourself received a copyright infringement notice, book a consultation and discuss your needs with us today.

What is Copyright Infringement?

When copyright material is used without permission or copied in part or in whole, it may constitute infringement. Copyright law is a complex area and often it can be difficult to determine whether someone has infringed copyright or whether their dealing come under some exception or defence to copyright infringement. There are many types of copyright and ways which copyright material material can and can’t be used within the parameters of copyright law. The extent to which copyright works have been copied can also often be a highly subjective and uncertain question. If you’re looking to protect your work or believe someone has infringed on your copyright, an experienced copyright lawyer will be able to provide appropriate legal advice and guide you on the best way to approach your matter to achieve your desired outcome.

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How Do I Know If Someone Has Infringed On My Copyright?

Sometimes identifying copyright infringement can be fairly clear cut and obvious. Other times, the determination of infringement can be more complex and will need more detailed investigation to establish whether infringement has occurred. Many factors come into play when determining if a copyright work has been infringed upon which can often come down to a very subjective analysis and a firm appreciation of the Copyright Act and case law interpretation of copyright law principles. An experienced copyright lawyer can provide advice and support regarding complex copyright issues including whether copyright has been infringed and what actions may be taken to prosecute or defend against infringement

I’ve Received a Letter Claiming I’ve Infringed Copyright. What Are My Next Steps?

If someone believes you’ve infringed their copyright, you may receive a letter of demand from a lawyer. At this point, your first step should be to contact an experienced copyright lawyer who can help you work out what your options are and set you up with a cost-effective strategy to work towards a resolution which best meets your commercial objectives. We provide comprehensive advice and support regarding all matters relating to copyright law. Discuss your needs with us today.

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Contact YIP Today

If you’re facing a copyright infringement dispute, YIP can provide the support you need and guide you through to the best possible resolution of your matter. We offer upfront, transparent and fixed fee options for all our copyright services . For more information on our services, contact us today. Call now on 03 8371 0012 or book a consultation with our copyright lawyer, Andrew Petale, through our online portal.

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