Copyright Infringement

Understanding Copyright law is an essential part of being a creator. Whether you are a business owner, an artist, writer, or musician, you need to be able to protect your work and control how it is used by others. Y Intellectual Property specialises in helping individuals and businesses protect, manage and utilise their Copyrighted material. We provide cost-effective solutions for resolving Copyright infringement matters, with services tailored to your needs. If you need help to protect your work or have yourself received a Copyright infringement notice, book a consultation and discuss your needs with us today.

What is Copyright Infringement?

When Copyrighted material is used without permission or copied in part or in whole, it can be considered infringement. This should be simple in theory, but when it comes to real-world application it can be difficult to determine whether someone has infringed Copyright or is within the boundaries of ‘fair dealing’. Copyright can look like many different things depending on the nature of the work and the quality of what is being copied. In some cases, copying even a small percentage of Copyrighted material could be considered infringement, while in other cases a majority of the work could be copied without infringing on Copyright. If you’re looking to protect your work or believe someone has infringed on your Copyright, an experienced Copyright lawyer will be able to provide legal advice and guide you through the matter.

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How Do I Know If Someone Has Infringed My Copyright?

Sometimes identifying Copyright infringement is as clear as day and easy to prove legally that your work has been copied. Other times, the case can be more complex and will need thorough investigation to prove infringement. Many factors come into play when determining if Copyrighted work has been infringed upon, such as whether the work was important, how recognisable it is, the significance of similarities and more. If you are a creator, we always recommend working with an experienced IP lawyer. Our Copyright lawyers can provide advice and support regarding a wide range of IP issues, as well as alert you to potential breaches of Copyright.

I’ve Received a Letter Claiming I’ve Infringed Copyright. What Are My Next Steps?

If someone believes you’ve infringed on their Copyright, you may receive a letter from a lawyer. Don’t panic! At this point, it is simply a claim and will need to be proven before action can be taken. A Y Intellectual Property Copyright lawyer can help you work out what your options are and set you up with a cost-effective strategy that meets your goals and guides the issue to a resolution. We can provide comprehensive advice and support for all Copyright issues. Discuss your needs with us today.

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If you’re facing a Copyright infringement case, Y Intellectual Property can provide the support you need and guide the issue to it’s best possible resolution. We offer fixed fee and flexible pricing options to meet your needs. For more information on our services, contact us today. Call now on (03) 9942 3138 to book a consultation with our lead Copyright and Designs lawyer Andrew Petale.

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