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If you’re a creator or innovator, effective enforcement of your intellectual property rights is crucial. Protecting your branding, literature, and creative output is integral to operating professionally and competitively. By establishing a strong foundation for IP protection early on, you’ll be in a far better position in the future if you ever find yourself in an IP infringement situation. YIP Legal specialises in helping individuals and businesses manage, protect and defend their intellectual property assets. With fixed fee options and individualised service, we can give you the best support when it comes to enforcing and defending intellectual property infringement. Book a consultation today and discuss your needs with an experienced IP lawyer.

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What is IP Infringement?

When your intellectual property – whether it’s a trade mark, registered design, copyright or other IP right– is utilised without your permission, it may constitute an infringement of your IP. If your rights have been infringed, there are a variety of legal remedies available including, injunctive relief, damages, account of profits, and delivery up or destruction or infringing material. In order to be able to access those remedies, it’s essential to have appropriate IP protections in place as these protections will give you the legal right to claim and access those remedies in the event of intellectual property infringement.

Since registration of IP can take a long time to finalise, applying for your rights close to the time of creation will make it far easier for you to enforce those rights when it’s needed. Determining whether IP infringement has occurred can often be legally complex and require an intricate understanding of the relevant statutory framework and common law interpretation of the relevant legal principles. If you’re looking to protect your IP the right way, or beleive that your rights may have been infringed, our experienced IP lawyer can work with you to help you accomplish your commercial objectives. We provide legal advice and guidance, assistance with resolution of IP infringements and disputes, and ensure you can protect your work from unauthorised use. We can also provide ongoing support, identify opportunities for IP protection or assist with identifying potential instances of infringement. Talk to us today for more information on our services.

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I Received a Letter Claiming I’ve Infringed Someone’s IP. What Do I Do?

If you’ve been notified that you’ve infringed someone’s intellectual property rights, your first point of contact should be an experienced intellectual property lawyer. While it can be daunting and stressful to receive a letter of demand, an experienced lawyer will be able to clarify your situation and help you work towards achieving a resolution which ensures that your position is protected and your exposure is minimised. After speaking with you, we will prepare a detailed defence strategy for you, including fixed costs for any actions which may be required, including further advice if needed, preparation of a suitable response or settlement proposal.

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