Trademark Application

Before applying for a trademark, there are a few critical questions which need to be answered:

  1. What trademark should I apply for?
  2. What goods or services does my trademark to protect?
  3. Is my trademark registrable?
  4. Will my trademark be enforceable?

Making a wrong decision at the trademark application stage can result in wasted time and expense and leave you with a trademark that is unregistrable, unenforceable or which does not benefit your business. Enlisting the guidance of an experienced trademarks attorney at the application stage will ensure that you end up with a trademark or trademark portfolio which will ultimately add value to your business. At Y Intellectual Property, we specialise in trademark law, with experienced lawyers that can guide you through the trademark application process and help you to enforce your trademark and utilise your trademarks to their fullest potential. If you’re looking to apply for a trademark, arrange a consultation and discuss your needs with an experienced trademark attorney today.

Apply for a Trade Mark

Why Choose Y Intellectual Property?

Experienced TradeMark Attorney and IP Lawyer

We are specialists in the area of trademarks and have many years of experience in assisting businesses with the creation of valuable and enforceable trademarks. We work closely with you during each step towards registering your trademark and beyond to ensure that your trademarks are continuing to add value to your business.

Transparent & Upfront Pricing

Our pricing structure is simple, transparent and affordable. Our pricing is entirely fixed fee and agreed with you upfront to ensure there are no billing surprises. We don’t charge additional professional fees for “multi class filings”, “reporting actions” or “registration” fees, which other IP firms may hide in their pricing.

Comprehensive Personalised Services

We take time to fully understand and assess your trademark needs before creating a personalised and flexible trademark filing proposal for you, with options to suit your unique business circumstances. We will keep you updated immediately at every step of the process and are always available and happy to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Ongoing TradeMark Support

Our services don’t end once your trademark is registered. We will continue to look out for new opportunities for you to maintain, enforce and expand upon your existing trademark rights.

Apply for a Trademark with Y Intellectual Property

We offer a variety of tailored trademark application packages, each designed to meet your specific circumstances and budget. Our packages are designed for every type of trademark owner from sole traders and startups to large established corporate clients, and can be tailored to meet your requirements. For more in-depth information regarding our packages, you can book an appointment through our online portal or submit an enquiry through our Contact Form at the bottom of the page.

Our plans

Copyright Infringement

Protection Package

Our most straightforward and simple package. This is best suited for already established brands or for those who are not in a hurry to get to market. It includes a preliminary trademark search, full ongoing support, and comprehensive assistance during each step of the application process.

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Fast Track Package

Our most popular choice, this package is designed for untested brands and those who are in the pre-launch stage. It includes accelerated trademark assessment and examination, the option to amend prior to finalising lodgement, as well as full ongoing support. Apply for a trademark fast with this full-featured package.

Copyright Infringement

Combo Package

For a more comprehensive and cost-effective trademark application, our combo package is the best choice. This package is designed to protect both the name and visual elements of your trademark with two separate trademark applications resulting in two distinct and highly enforceable marks to cover different infringement scenarios. Both standard and fast track assessment options are available under this package.

Y Intellectual Property for Trademark Applications

Apply for trademark today with the help of Y IP Legal. Our lawyers can guide you through the process and create an effective and cost efficient filing strategy for your trademarks. Discuss your needs with Andrew Petale today by contacting him here or at

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